A family affair

A family affair

L'artigianato della Riviera del Brenta

... made in Italy between Venice and the Brenta Riviera.

In 1976 the Smania brothers began a successful journey in the world of design producing luxury furniture in the “Riviera del Brenta”, near Venice, an environment in which creativity and quality went hand in hand.

Years later, the second generation engaged in developing some new international markets, experiencing first hand how much the Italian craftsmanship was appreciated worldwide and how increasingly difficult it was to find true “handmade” craftsmanship, which had been the basis for success when the business started in the 70s.

Nowdays, there are fewer and fewer workshops and most workers are gone. With this in mind, Desori’s commitment today is precisely to help keep these workers active and strive through brands’ and products’ globalization process.

True to the family’s tradition, Desori’s founder’s commitment is to bring authentic craftsmanship back to the center of the business and make it more meaningful and relevant through the concept of PASSION.


Desori, “desire oriented“

Where handcrafted luxury products meet passions, in a digital context
geared to desires of all fans of Made in Italy and
fatto a mano  (“handmade”).​

Coming soon

We are working on the construction of the new one DESORI APP
… but it will take some more time !!!
As soon as it is available we will not hesitate to communicate it on all our SOCIAL channels
We can not wait!!