We distribute the Desori collections through a network of 50 distributors in 17 countries and from 2021 we have launched a program to make our products known through digital retailers using the new e-commerce platform. 

Today, more than ever, your order from your home sofa is a simple and rewarding experience.

Whether it’s a jewel, a bag or a saddle pad, when it comes to passion there is no precise rule. Our collections vary according to the best materials available at that time on the market. Our products are developed when we discover a new craftsman and we work together on innovative concepts..

Sometime ideas come from our customers. For the time being we make jewels, leather goods, riding goods and a home collection. The future and our passion will foster new, unique products, just for you.

Your Passion, “desire oriented“

Coming soon

We are working on the construction of the new one DESORI APP
… but it will take some more time !!!
As soon as it is available we will not hesitate to communicate it on all our SOCIAL channels
We can not wait!!