Our values

Our values

We base our work on clear principles

Desori aims to create collections of high-end accessories and complements for those who love the equestrian style and more generally the world of horse riding; everything is designed and produced exclusively in Italy.

Through the experience of the “master craftsmen” of the “Riviera del Brenta” in Veneto, who for generations have been working with materials such as wood, leather and brass, we keep the traditions of our country alive and focus our attention on the production of unique and inimitable objects. Products designed for those who do not want to follow trends, but are looking for an eternal, timeless style.

We communicate through our products

We have included icons in our products that are true values for us

Coming soon

We are working on the construction of the new one DESORI APP
… but it will take some more time !!!
As soon as it is available we will not hesitate to communicate it on all our SOCIAL channels
We can not wait!!